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Demonstrating the Power Hauler Model HD923. This model has a 2.3 horsepower 12 volt motor with a 90:1 ratio gearbox for more pulling power. Watch us pull crab pots in the Strait of Juan de Fuca off the coast of Washington State.


Demonstrating our new HD923 Power Reel System.


Short video describing how to solder terminal lugs onto the Power Hauler wire harness.


Delivering the last of five Power Haulers to the NOAA Ship Fairweather for use in
the Alaska and the arctic ocean mapping missions.


Demonstration pulling crab pots in the Puget Sound using the HD618 Power Hauler.


How to shrimp the Strait of Juan de Fuca. John Beath, from
shows which pots to use, ramp shrimp pots, tunnel shrimp pots and Ladner stacking shrimp pots.
Learn the best shrimp baits, how to anchor shrimp pots and where to put shrimp pots in
Puget Sound and Strait of Juan de Fuca.



How to catch Dungeness crabs in Puget Sound Adventure Charters Seattle's best fishing charter


Demonstrating the HD923EX with the power up and down capability.


Lani, Eric, and Tank from Birdsview, WA who just installed their new Power Hauler and are pulling a crab pot for the first time in Roche Harbor, WA.


Lani, Eric, and Tank from Birdsview, WA who just installed their new Power Hauler and are pulling a crab pot for the first time in Roche Harbor, WA.


In Florida, itís legal to take both claws from a stone crab as long as they both measure two and three-quarters inches Ė except, of course, for females with eggs. I'd recommend against taking both stone crab claws. Itís much better to take the larger claw and leave the crab with one to feed and defend itself. The mortality rate is much, much lower that way, which means more stone crab claws in the future! To see how to remove stone crab claws correctly, check out the video from Fresh Choice Seafood below.


The Never Forgotten Project have finished installing our donated premium schedule 80 pot puller on their Parker 2520. In this trip the crew is out lobster fishing off the coast of San Diego and find more than just lobsters to make the pull a little bit more challenging.

The mission statement for The Never Forgotten Project is to provide veterans access to a variety of ways to enjoy the country they fought for that includes: fishing, hunting, camping, and sailing.


GoPro Camera sent down with a crab pot in Birch Bay Washington


Check out this great video showing a Halibut Hole up in Deep Creek, AK!



The Joes's pulling crab pot off the coast of Oregon With their new HD618.


A fun video from Doug and Sandy shrimping out of Bellingham, WA with their Brand "X" puller.


Joe Hok of LFS Marine in Anchoreage shows how to tie a Becket knot used with Lander shrimp pots. Pre-cut Becket line is available in our online store in the accessories department.


John Beath of shows how to safely and easily deploy and retrieve your anchor from the stern of your boat. This anchoring system uses the safest method of deploying and retrieving the anchor, line and chain from the safety and security of the stern of the vessel. You will learn what you need and how to use this system. If you anchor while fishing and don't have enough room to safely deploy or retrieve your anchor from the bow of your boat,


Alaska Tim shrimping in Price Williams Sound with his new HD923 he purchased at the 2018 Great Alaska Sportsman Show in Anchorage.