Power Hauler
Model HD923EX
2.3 HP / 90:1 Pwr UP/DN
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Power Hauler Alaskan model HD923EX

This is our gear retrieval and delivery system with power up and down. External power relay box mounted inline with the power harness allows the Power Hauler to both pull gear up or down. Note: speed is the same for both up and down to reduce speed a block and tackle or similar setup is required.

Equipped with our heavy duty 2.3 hp 12 volt worm gear power drive with our zero maintenance sealed oil bath roller bearing gearbox. With it's 90:1 gear ratio this power drive has a higher torque (pulling power) pulling 200 Lbs. at up to 120 feet per minute.

Manufactured with our exclusive Power Grip* self gripping rope sheave the Power Hauler smoothly and powerfully grips the rope with little effort for a virtually hands free operation.

Power Hauler HD923EX Includes:

  • Heavy duty polished schedule 80 aluminum tubing and 1/4 inch motor plate.
  • UHMW fairlead roller.
  • 1/4 in. pulley block bracket.
  • Heavy duty low resistance 6 gauge easy flex wire harness with an auto resetting breaker.
  • Folbe open face chainlink pulley block with a clevis shackle for mounting.
  • Molded fiberglass waterproof switch box.
  • Front facing power switch.
  • Custom handmade fiberglass motor cover protects while maintaining a professional look.
  • 3/8 stainless wire lock hitch pin to lock the davit into fishing/stowed positions
  • Aluminum davit end cap.
  • Premium UHMW sleeved gunnel mount and your choice of our sleeved flat or combo base mounts.
    Other mounts available - see brackets department.

200 lbs. pulling capacity.

Limited production item please check for availabilty before ordering

*Patent Pending

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Price: $ 1695.95

Both a preimuim UHMW sleeved gunnel (upper) mount and a UHMW sleeved base mount (floor) are included.

However, you have a choice between two styles base mounts depending on your need.

If unsure we suggest the combo mount since it provides more options in mounting. We also carry non-standard brackets and can also manfacuture custom brackets. Please contact us for more information. See mounting brackets section for more images and descriptions.

Please select which base mount you prefer:


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