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pot puller crab pot puller

Lobster Pot Puller pot puller shrimping

crab pot puller pot puller davit

crab-pot-puller-at-surface power-hauler-pot-puller

ez-pull pot puller ez pull

Rock D'Acquisto of Point Wilson Darts crabing deep in the Straits of San Juan De Fuca.

crab fishing power hauler crab pot puller

ez pull crab pot puller

John Beth of shrimping in Discovery Bay with Chuck on the companys work boat.

shrimp-pot-puller 12 volt-crab-pot-puller 12 volt crab pot hauller

electric-power-hauler-shrimp-pot-puller electric-power-hauler-crab-pot-puller electric-shrimp-pot-puller

Meet up again with LT Ryan Wartick NOAA Field Operations Officer on the 231ft NOAA Ship Fairweather
to deliver the last of the five Discovery Bay Marine Gear Model 921 Power Haulers before the ship
departs for Alaska and the Northern Arctic. The Power Haulers have been used for the 2 past years on
the five Fairweathers 32 foot hydrographic survey launches to lower the sensitive mapping equipment
side scanning and bottom looking sensors) used to map the ocean floor.

NOAA Ship Fairweather NOAA Ship Fairweather Lt Wartick

NOAA Ship Fairweather Skiff

NOAA Ship Fairweather at Port NOAA Ship Fairweather

Theses sensors are lowered between 5 -300 meters (16 -1000/ft) using 3/8’ line during
their mapping missions. This new data will be used to update the NOAA charts
used by the military, commercial, and civilian population.
(Picture were taken near Shelikof Island, AK)

NOAA Ship Fairweather skiff lowering mapping sensors with the Power Hauler NOAA Ship Fairweather skiff lowering mapping sensors with the Power Hauler NOAA Ship Fairweather Mapping Mission

Three Rivers Marine in Woodinville Wa. installing a new Power Hauler onto beautiful North River
with the remote air bellows foot switch option (red puck on floor and the control box on wall).

David from So. California lobster fishing with a nice custom bracket setup.

Everett using his Power Hauler to lift his wifes 70 pound hailbut she caught in Valdez AK.

Lifting a Halibut

This is the installation of our schedule 80 manual pot puller kit we donated to "The Never Forgotten Project" for use on their Parker 2520 located in San Diego, Ca. The mission statement for of The Never Forgotten Project is to provide veterans access to a variety of ways to enjoy the country they fought for. This includes: fishing, hunting, camping, and sailing. Founder Frank Bongiorno is shown with the end result of the installation - a fine catch of Southern California lobster. We're promised more pictures as the fishing continues and have provded a link to their website on our links page if you wish to learn more and/or donate to this great project

crab pot puller lower pipe installation crab pot puller davit arm installation crab pot puller location fitting crab pot puller final installation lobster fishing lobster fishing in Southern California

Chuck - The power hauler is working great. We have been taking advantage of the few good days of weather we get in the fall. On this paticular day we were sampling for mysid shrimp doing triplicate vertical tows at three sites ranging from 90 to 120 meters for the lake champlain long term water quality monitoring program. The power hauler worked flawlessly with little drain on a 12 volt marine battery. Luke M. - Lake Champlain Research Institute Plattsburgh, NY

Rudi's newly finished installation.

Another Three Rivers Marine installation on a customers new North River.

Cannon downrigger mount example

Ken with Full On Auto And Marine in Eurka Ca. is just finishing an installation on a 30ft. Osprey

Nice example of a through gunnel installation

Through gunnel pot puller mount Through gunnel pot puller mount

Mike and his friend enjoing a good day of deep water shrimp fishing off the San Juan Islands in Washington state with their model HD618 Power Hauler (notice our Scotty downrigger adapter for the gunnel mount).

Scotty mount bracket kit shrimp fishing in the San Juan Islands shrimp pot puller

electric shrimp pot puller shrimp fishing off the San Juan Islands shrimp pot

Another example of a through gunnel installation AND seconds as a gas grill mount when not in use!
(Magma POW’R GRIP® Fish Rod Holder Mount PN: A10-175)

Through gunnel crab pot puller mount Through gunnel crab pot puller mount