Power Hauler Power Reel System™

power reel puller full view pot puller back view lobster pot puller front view 12 volt Power Reel™

This is our innovative Power Hauler HD923 Power Reel system with self-coiling line reels. Our exclusive Power Reels are self-coiling, removable, and stackable making for a virtually hands free operation.

The HD923 Power Reel system is designed to be able to both deploy and retrieve your gear without the need to coil or deploy the line by hand.

Having both power up and down control you can raise or lower gear down onto the deck or water.

The Power Reel drive shaft is designed with a special hub that allows the drive pin on the Power Reel to be locked into place when pulling gear.

When deploying gear the Power Reel is reversed on the drive shaft allowing the Power Reel to spin freely releasing the mainline as the gear sinks to the bottom.

At the end of the drive shaft a unique cam lock secures the Power Reel onto the drive shaft during operation. A simple twist and the Power Reel slide off the drive shaft.

The capacity of the Power Reels will differ depending on the manufacturer and type of the line being used. On average Power Reels have a capacity of 200 ft. of 5/16 and 300 ft. 1/4 inch of leaded mainline.

Power Reels take up less the 1 square foot of deck space. This means if six Power Reels with 150 ft.o line were stacked three high with a total of 900 ft. of 5/16 or 1,500 ft. of 1/4 of line they would use less than 2 square feet of deck space.

The low cost of the Power Reels makes it possible to purchase as many Reels as needed for fishing in different depths, areas, and types of gear (loaded and unloaded Power Reels can be found in our Online Store Accessories section).

Our custom three piece design allows you to breakdown the davit for easy transport, storage, and removal off your boat or skiff.

Standard with our heavy duty powerdrive with a zero maintenance sealed gear reduction box with oversized bearings and extra large worm gear.

Schedule 80 aluminum tubing and 1/4 inch plate construction.

We construct the fiberglass motor cover by hand and finish it with a gloss black gel coat.


6 Stacked Power Reels
use 2 (ft2) of deck space

pot puller back view
Other features include:

  • Power up and down control with a momentary spring to off power switch.
  • Folbe open face chain-link pulley block with a stainless quick link for mounting.
  • 1/4 in.thick pulley block bracket.
  • A heavy duty 6 gauge easy flex wire harness with our auto resetting breaker.
  • One 3/8 stainless wire lock hitch pin to lock the davit into fishing/stowed positions.
  • Two 1/4 stainless wire lock hitch pins used to lock the two parts of the davit together.
  • Preimium UHMW sleeved gunnel and base mount brackets.

  • Other mounts available - see brackets department.

    Checkout the Power Reel video in our video gallery

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