12V Power Hauler System™

crab pot puller full view 12 volt Power Hauler™

Power Hauler Model HD923SW

This is our Power Hauler salmon gurdy / powered davit gear retrieval and delivery system with power up and down. Our reversing power switch allows the Power Hauler to both pull gear and equipment up or controlled powered down. Applications include: Salmon fishing, ROV inspection systems, underwater sensor/mapping equipment, equipment retrieval and deployment.

Our 8 inch aluminum winch drum replaces the Power Hauler sheave with 600 ft. capacity of 1/8 inch wire rope or high performance braid such as Amsteel.

Our custom three piece design allows you to breakdown the davit for easy transport, storage, and removal off your boat or skiff.

front view Standard with our heavy duty powerdrive with a zero maintenance sealed 90:1 gear reduction box with oversized bearings and extra large worm gear.

Schedule 80 aluminum tubing and 1/4 inch plate construction.

Additionally equipped with a momentary spring to off reversing power switch and waterproof switch box and an 8 inch open face pulley block.
winch drum

Shown with 150ft.
of 1/8 in. Amsteel Blue
Not Included
Other features include:

  • 8 in. drum with 2 1/2 inch shaft - 5 in. also available
  • Water resistant power switch and switch box
  • 1/4 in.thick pulley block bracket.
  • 10 ft. heavy duty 6 gauge easy flex wire harness with our auto resetting breaker.
  • One 3/8 stainless wire lock hitch pin to lock the davit into fishing/stowed positions.
  • Two 1/4 stainless wire lock hitch pins used to lock the two parts of the davit together.
  • Preimium UHMW sleeved gunnel and base mount brackets.
    Other mounts available - see brackets department.


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